Yes, you can, but the alcohol can consume anti-oxidant more than normal.
2-3 per week, depending on the formula of the drip; Please consult with the doctor to tailor your personal program.
The injection may hurt a little when piercing the skin.
No, we don’t recommend pregnant women to do IV drip.
For health reasons, we don’t recommend anyone below 20 years old getting treatments.
For the hangover, a few hours after
For general IV, 2-3 days after
For NAD+, a couple days after
For the aesthetic treatments, 1-2 weeks after
Hotel reserves the right to charge an additional of THB 1,500 per night inclusive of breakfast for one additional person.
No, for environment and safety reasons, every guest rooms at our hotel is non-smoking; however, smoking is allowed only at the balcony. We strongly request for your kind cooperation not to smoke inside the room. Please note that if you smoke inside your room, a THB 2,000 Disinfection Fee will be charged to your account.
Yes, it is possible to bring a non-registered guest into the guestroom; however, an additional charge of THB 1,000 per person per time shall be applied to your room’s account. For a security reason, non-registered guests will be asked to leave their ID cards (either citizen ID card, or driving license card) at our Reception Desk.
Hotel provides free parking space for every in-house guest; however, there would be additional fees of parking space for those who are not staying in our hotel and willing to park their vehicles in our hotel premises.